Loss – Life Without Hope… Death Without Reason

loss_052206_lifewithoutFeaturing the demo with the same name and 2 bonus live tracks, this MCD is an encouraging debut from the death/doom stylings of the US born Loss. What separates this bands deathly style from a more funeral doom aura of depression, is Loss’ appreciation of more melodic harmonies that are the basis of their delivery. Think earlier Katatonia and to a lesser extend, My Dying Bride musically, but Loss takes their overall level of songwriting even farther into the underground with cryptically deep vocals to give this an “not of this earth” atmosphere. Loads of reverb and a steady drum plod keep tracks like “Conceptual Funeralism unto the Final Act (of Being)” and “Cut up, Depressed and Alone” flowing with a steady wave of anguish for the listener to relate to and possibly even be overtaken by. At the close of this disc, someone in the audience recorded several live tracks with a handheld recorder, so expect a less than perfect sound quality. Their live cover of Katatonia’s “Brave” was a nice surprise (featuring Imperial from Krieg on vocals) and further drives home where their influences lie. I will say that this MCD has whetted my appetite… I feel a full-length featuring a bigger, more atmospheric production could really allow Loss to move to the next level and continue their infiltration of emotions sculpting doom with much more of an impact. If they continue to write with the impressive dynamics found on “Cut up, Depressed and Alone”, where a clean guitar tone fills the music break with a much needed feeling of despair, Loss could develop into a definite cult classic among the doom genre. We shall see. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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