Obeisance – Lucifer Master

qb_42103_obeisance“Lucifer Master” is the black sheep of an underground scene that only a few of us seem to desire a return to domination. Fans of early Sepultura and Sarcofago will also worship the pure blackened fury of the Texas quartet, Obeisance, for they execute a similar style of death trash with occult tendencies. Simplistic and obscure, “Lucifer Master” revels in straight ahead destruction with memorable tremolo riffage and crushing mids that demands furious head banging and the blood from a black goat. Even with a shouted and dimensionless vocal attack, this delivery is based in old styled and evil thrash metal, fitting in perfect with the verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure in the songs. One is able to scream along with every chorus on this slab and it adds to the highly catchy and true metal being so proudly created and upheld by Obeisance. Having been recorded and engineered by The Chasm’s own Daniel Corchado at his Lux Inframundis studio, you know you are going to experience a dark sound and 10 tracks of excellence that calls for a better and seemingly lost era in metal evolution. With bands like Obeisance still battling against the sterile state of modern “metal”, the ancient feeling will never die or be forgotten. “Lucifer Master” slays. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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