Olc Sinnsir – The Throne of Dead Emotions

qb_91503_olcsinnsirThe new wave of underground French black metal seems to be bulging at the seams these days with a fresh stock of grim demons eager to sacrifice their lives and music to the dark arts. This resurgence is very promising in execution and dedication to extreme black metal, but unlike the garagey, but VERY unique era where The Black Legions reigned supreme (Vlad Tepes, Mutiilation, Belketre, Torgeist), new bands like Temple of Baal, Blut Aus Nord and Olc Sinnser are all very solid and worthy bands in their own right, but tend to lack the character of their forefathers. This is almost a side note as “The Throne of Dead Emotions” creeps in with atmospheric dissonance. Olc Sinnser churn along in a predominantly mid-paced delivery which gives their riffs more room to ascend, but due to the laid back and often times unoriginal nature of their music, it really took me a few spins to become accustomed to their ideas. When the moment of clarity hits, I found that the music on this album is very well written as OS alternate effectively between sensible tempo shifts and a musical affinity that embraces the thick like a fog chord dissonance and more streamlined melodies that interact perfectly with the vocal blasphemies. Thick and enchanting, Olc Sinnser create a promising canvas of black metal that is right in line stylistically with the underground woodland atmosphere born at the hands of the Finnish scene. Certainly nothing original, but a good presentation and better yet, memorable music, effectively detracts from the obvious while entertaining all of those that dwell in the darkness. “The Throne of Dead Emotions” is a solid piece of work. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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