Old Nick – Reclusive Hymns

qb_51203_oldnickIf anyone remembers the industrial death/grind band Mighty Force, where the songs consisted of sampled guitars (mainly riffs taken from their Earache label mates becoming popular during the early 90’s), drums and “vocals” that were nothing but samples, then you will know where Old Nick is coming from, but with far less success. Every element on “Reclusive Hymns” has been lifted from someone else and manipulated to meet the will of the programmers at the computer/sequencer . If the guitar lines are original, they have been played on an outside medium and sampled to be slapped into the meandering song structures wherever desired. The drum programming is as scattered as the bits and chunks tossed into this audio car wreck. The result is very choppy and impossible to listen to as this material is all over the place. Sounds like it’s playing back on a computer without enough memory, causing h-h-h-I-c-cupp-p-ing as the sound plays back. Absolutely no flow or direction can be found, so it’s easy to see why there aren’t any vocal lines to be had. I don’t care that every element on here is synthetic, for I do like industrial music, but to make something like this, it’s like there should be definite musical phrases on display to give the listener something to hold onto. Such elements are sadly lacking on “Reclusive Hymns”. Old Nick is a failed experiment. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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