Optoletum – Nightscape

up_083004_optoletumThis Oslo based 1 man “band” working under the moniker Optoletum recently submitted his 4 song demo of some rather promising Norge blackness. I really like the tone of this music, for Optoletum thankfully embraces the “Norwegian sound” which could be best described as highly melodic, somewhat atmospheric, yet soaked in a wash of dissonance. Fans of Taake, Winder and the like take note, for musically and at times vocally, Optoletum resides alongside fellow countrymen working towards a similar goal. The only deterrent to the sound of this material is the overly thin and mostly undistinguishable drum machine sound. Since the drums sound so synthetic, I guess it’s a good thing that the guitars bury the drums on this CDR opener, “Archangel” which is definitely a look back in time and a tribute stylistically to Norwegian black metal 101. The title track has a bit clearer drum production since speed isn’t really a factor, but more of a simplistic and bass dominant element enters Optoletum’s sound as if these ideas were touched by the influence of Ildjarn. As I dig into the bio information, I see that Optoletum’s sole member Punisher intends to find more musicians (including a human drummer) in time for the next material to be recorded. Punisher has done some sessions live work for Old Man’s Child and is also in a band called Nuctemeron which he formed with Tex Terror from Nocturnal Breed fame. “Nightscape” was recorded at Punisher’s home and aside from the poor drum sounds killing a bit of the atmosphere that is created by the emotive riff ideas and mid-ranged despondent screaming style, this 4 song demo really possesses a lot of promise and obviously longs to bring Norway back to a time where black metal was something far more passionate, frightening and not so streamlined/modern. More info and song samples can be found at the bands website. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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