Priest in Shit – Touched By Decay

Touched By Decay is a beckon of true power and insight that opens boundless soundscapes of vitriolic feedback and impenetrable textures that could only be imagine if looking down into the monolithic black pits of damnation. Priest In Shit has all the brooding relentlessness that swiftly takes life and travels down a vehement enlace of metallic ululations and echoing despair. Drifting throughout the process of Touched By Decay, there are points of puncturing noise and scathing metal scraping. Deafening static induced power electronics and then without any notice shifting into a wind tunnel of drone, that ghoulishly waltzes from speaker to speaker and then delicately fades into silence. Underlining the dirty soundscapes is a beautifully placed space like drift. Richard Ramirez and company compile sharp jolts of noise in accompaniment with ambience that makes Touched By Decay severely dark. This marks the first release in tape format for Pain Compliance. And even though it’s only a two track album, from the infancy of Touched By Decay to the final breath it’s very much a priceless release. I for one have been one of the lucky individuals who acquired one of the 50 that where made. So if there’s any possible way of finding Priest In Shit – Touched By Decay waste no time in picking it up. It’s completely worth it.
– K


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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