Richard Ramirez – Uncertain Pleasures

Apparently this is an old release, but it warrants a review anyway. This is refreshing – a full album of no-bullshit no-beats dirty noise. Other than the album art looking like a Christmas card, Uncertain Pleasures is a convincing opus of aural terror. A staple in the American noise scene, Richard Ramirez has been prolifically creating his brand of japnoise-influenced Texas terror since the 80’s. The best noise mixes control and chaos, and Ramirez is a master of the art. Both repetition and entropy are in full force within Uncertain Pleasures, ensuring that the 61-minute album doesn’t overstay its welcome…. much. The 26-minute track “Syndrome” could have easily warranted a separate release. But then, maybe my attention span is just lacking. Overall, this is a worthwhile listen. Good luck finding it, though. -Christine Lett


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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