Sadus – Out for Blood

sadus_072306_outforI’ve worshiped Sadus for years. When no one else seemed to give a shit that the band ever existed, I did and was continually awe inspired when a new album would hit the streets. More so in the early years, for I’ll be the first to admit that the more progged out/subdued and overall lacking intensity on “Elements of Anger” left me hungry for the musical predator that “was” Sadus. Aside from 2 noticeably bad song on “Out for Blood” (I particularly dislike the tough guy postering and down tuned crunch found on “Smackdown”, the other is the borderline “Down”), this album could have easily followed up “Swallowed in Black” due to the sharp songwriting, musicianship (of course) and yes… raging intensity found on songs like the godly “In the Name of…”, “Sick”, “Freak” and “Out for Blood”. Sadus sounds pissed off and ravenous again and when this band is firing on all 8 cylinders, their music is a unique form of thrash that really sounds fresh and able to survive in a musical climate dominated by turbo death, gothic and black metal. Darren’s vocals on this album are shrill and scathing like they were “back in the day”. Even though Sadus still wants to try and modernize their sound with the occasional unnecessary synth line, a lower tuning on select tracks and crunch dominant riff ideas as found on “No More” and “Lost it All”, the songs aren’t bad and they do flavor sometimes tedious moshisms with a classy guitar line, or DiGorgio breaks through the wall of distortion with a jaw droppingly complex clean bass fill that would wipe the cocky grin off of Steve Harris’ face. If you have stuck by this band and may have been left feeling a little cold after the so-so Elements of Anger, fear not, for a full-on production and the fact that Sadus has seemingly found their muse again, ensures that true and unique thrash metal is back with bared teeth glistening with fresh blood. For those of you into superstar cameos, you’ll hear some deep growling by none other than Chuck Billy from Testament on the track “Crazy”. Great album. I hope they fire another one back in the hole sooner than 7 years. -Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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