Sinister – Afterburner

sinister_052206_afterburnerFollowing a 3 year split when the institution of Sinister seemed to succumb to vocalist woes and the fact that the metal market was swinging heavily into the black metal era of fan appreciation, Sinister have recollected themselves and have returned with an impressive, true death metal album that could have easily followed up the eternally classic “Cross the Styx”. Original member Aad Kloosterwaard has decided to fill the vacant vocalist position and has greatly surprised me with his skill for the deep DM growl – in a lot of ways, he sounds like long time departed, original vocalist, Mike on this album, making it sound even more like an old Sinister release. And those guitar riffs… There’s no figuring them out, or predicting where they will end. With such musical complexity at their disposal, Sinister have always been the kings of writing intense riff ideas that can be perplexing, yet the intricate ideas somehow tend to morph into memorable songs that beg for repeated listens. Look at “Cross the Styx” such a twisted and bizarre (musically) album, yet in the end it comes off as catchy and makes perfect sense. “Afterburner” is like that in a lot of ways. One of the reasons Sinister’s guitar riffs eventually make sense and really work amazingly well, is that they expertly break up all their songs with a smart use of tempo. The songs blast when they need to, dig in with a solid double base plod when they need to, all the while placing just the perfect accent on the journeying guitar lines and even offering some very tasteful solo and harmony work to add even more class to this bands crushing sound. Sinister have indeed returned with a vengeance with a mighty album that revitalizes a stagnant 21st century death metal scene by exhuming the class, filth and ugliness found in older, more superior death metal to completely embarrass the clinical turbo speed and perfection found in modern death. There is no contest… the old feeling still rules. Thanks to Wannes from Pentacle for hitting the nail right on the head with that quote. Welcome back Sinister… and right on! -Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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