Skyforger – Kauja Pie Saules (Re-issue)

skyforger_090407_kaujaNot only is this hands down, the best release in Skyforger’s catalog, “Kauja Pie Saules” ranks right up there in my top 10 favorite black/pagan metal releases (along with their stellar “Semigall’s Warchant” demo). It’s that good. Strong songwriting. Harshly delivered and completely unique vocals. Lot’s of folk/traditional instrumentation both on its own, and worked into the dissonant black metal storm of Skyforger’s music. This CD truly has it all and is now made available again thanks to Paragon Records who have released it for the US market. Soaring harmonies are enveloped by a sharp black metal dissonance that seemingly empowers the attack of this material, continuing on in it’s capturing of your appreciation with overly catchy riffs, further made interesting by the inclusion of flutes, acoustic instruments and a flute. Truly advanced for it’s time, “Kauja Pie Saules” has been the monolith in Skyforger’s past… a monument so imposing, it’s hard to emerge from its shadow. As the band continued onward, opting to slightly simplify their songs and even adapt more of an Oi punk/metal aesthetic both in a more shouted vocal delivery and in the more upbeat nature of their compositions, that urgent spirit of old and bold creativity of this debut album has yet to be revisited by the band. I’m hoping they make this realization for their upcoming full-length and find that sense of creative urgency again. “Kaja Pie Saules” is worth every penny invested and precious moment of your time spent on enjoying this opus. Heathen/pagan metal at its best! -Marty


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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