Thy Dying Light – Interview

int_dyinglight_hedMr. Reca is almost right. Not only does the US need The Dying Light, but in fact, the world needs The Dying Light. The Dying Light is a force to be reckoned with. Aggressive Metal with no regard towards the latest trends is what The Dying Light spews forth with their brand of mayhem. I urge everyone who loves real extreme Metal to seek out this band and await their full length “The Survival Guide To The Apocalypse” which is due out in September/Oct on vinyl and cd. Below is a short interview with Mr. Reca, read on…. – Mike Bushur

First of all, what’s the purpose for starting The Dying Light? How did it all come together? What sort of things are you hoping to accomplish with this band?

The purpose for starting TDL was to create an audio doctrine that would inspire all antichrist architects to re-shape the immediate. The birth of TDL is based on unconditional love for creating savage metal. It all came together as a reaction to all the lame and predictable excuse for music hitting the shelves these days. The union of TDL was something that came natural. A reflection of all that inspires us via sound, sight and smell [of young delicious angels, ready to be redeemed’…] We hope to create the soundtrack to the endworld, to tour the globe and to usurp the throne of plastic and to penetrate all the luscious ladies…

The 4 song promo is a very good release and shows us what The Dying Light is capable of producing. One thing I noticed is that the songs vary from one another and as of now it sounds as though there is no definite style. Will this always be the case or are you just allowing an anything goes policy?

Thanks for the compliments on the demo; the recording is basically our 2nd rehearsal. To answer your question: whatever flows naturally…the chemistry is perfect.

How far do want to go with this band technically music wise? Do you want to keep things primitive?

TDL= the dark angel for the 2000’s…whatever comes naturally, we will have some primitive shit in the oven for sure…

After seeing the band live, I noticed there wasn’t a bass player which is something I didn’t really notice while listening to the promo. Why is this?

Because no-one around these parts can step up to the plate…if anyone is interested in playing the bass for us and you live in NYC, email us (see below)

I was lucky enough to see The Dying Light in Brooklyn as part of the Destruction Fest with Destroyer 666, Nun Slaughter, Sadistic Intent, etc. Unfortunately I walked in towards the end of your set and only caught 3 or 4 songs including a new one or two. I liked what I saw! Is the live setting where you think The Dying Light is best appreciated?

Live is the only way to be METAL!!! Fuck the bedroom nerds that can’t cook the steel live……

What do you like about playing live, and how long or what does it take before you lose it and really start swinging and using the mic stand?

It depends on what is lurking in the ‘ole nugget that evening….blame it on BANGOUT and WOMEN!!! HAHA

What’s your opinion on Metal these days? Good, better, worse, nothing changes? Where do you see The Dying Light’s place in all this mess?

Too much crap. The USA needs TDL!! We view our existence as a separate entity from all of this “flooding”… quality is what we stand for….not fashion, not popularity…

When composing The Dying Light music, what does the band have in mind?

THE ORGANIC PROCESS works best…its like drawing and thinking….cutting and cooking, fucking and sucking..

Could you explain, in general, what the lyrics are all about? How important do you think lyrics are in comparison to the music? Are they any different than how you’ve expressed your lyrical vision before?

Sort of, its actually less anger based and more “pro-love”…[true love=misanthropy] Some are based on ‘real life’ shit, the science of the occult and vagina. Lyrics are 1000000% equally important…What’s the use of singing/playing something you don’t really believe in??? I’d rather channel energy into something that we stand for…

Do you think its easier having some experience under your belt rather than just starting out in a band for the first time?

Absolutely, experience is the key to make things work…and TDL is something that we all contribute the necessary communication skills of advance thinkers to create unholy metal storms…

What can we expect from The Dying Light in the future?

Our full length release, THE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO THE APOCALYPSE will bless the feeble in showers of urine and blood…it will be recorded at Dimensional Sounds with MR. ERIC RUTAN {Ripping Corpse, Morbid Angel & Hate Eternal] at the wheel…..

Ok, thanks for your time! Please end this in any way you feel, hopefully see you guys again soon!

MEGA THANKS TO YOU MIKE FOR BEING A METAL/VINYL warrior and thanks to all the hordes for the support and the maniacs that make it down to the shows!!! Cheers!!!! Go out and kill!!!

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