Vader –

vader_090407_impressionsThere is a track present on “Impressions in Blood” titled Helleluyah!!! (god is dead). I personally believe this to be true and I’m fairly certain that the cause of death was the merciless fucking beating inflicted upon him by Daray. Who is this Daray of whom I speak? Well, he is Vader’s current drummer. Thankfully Vader still know when to rein in the speed and inject some slow(er) material in order to abate monotony. Even so, the lasting impression left by this album is definitely that of its speed. Other Impressions left by this album would be those of talent, experience and experimentation. That final impression may confuse some of you who think that Vader has become a bit formulaic of late. While I may agree with that statement to some extant, it seems to me that they are always able to expand ever so slightly upon that formula in one way or another with each new release and “Impressions in Blood” is certainly no exception to this rule. Here you will find elaborate intros, outros and bizarre (at least for metal) drum patterns scattered throughout the nearly thirty-eight minute duration of this disc. For longtime fans, Peter’s wholly unique vocals and whammy-esque soloing are still omnipresent, so fear not as the formula hasn’t changed that much. – Lance Rogers


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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