Weapon – Within the Flesh of the Satanist

You’d be a fool to not immediately think of VON upon the first listen with the vocal delay. No doubt this was intentional. When your band is called WEAPON, you want to let your audience understand that you have no interest in a) compact discs b) stuffed animals c) going to the movies on Friday or d) how “nice” some assholes day was. Completely understandable. But the Von comparisons end right before the second song, “I, Abhorrer (Father of Sin)”, which serves up something a little different with significantly less nonsensical thrashing and more straight-forward, driving riffs. There is no escaping the raw attributes to this demo but the production is surprisingly clear as opposed to tapes where you’ll hear more hiss than music. A very specific and dry aura surrounds this music that the attentive listener will find both welcoming and familiar. Something tells me this band is comfortable knowing that they aren’t doing anything groundbreaking. They are upholding a music they believe in and those who are capable of also appreciating this music will find plenty of good things here. – TRA


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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