Xasthur – Nocturnal Poisoning

qb_31703_xasthurXasthur is easily one of the best underground black metal entities on US soil. To think that such a potent release was scribed by one man and his passion to pollute the world with all the dread it has bestowed upon him, is impressive. One listen to the bleak and agonizing “Nocturnal Poisoning” should be enough to hurl you into a downward spiral of despair as waves of melodic and layered dissonance tare at your soul as if the possibility of you taking your own life would somehow benefit this recording… or make it grow more powerful. The fact that this was recorded on a 4-track (in the spirit of older Maanes material) seems to heighten the cryptic atmosphere as the caustic sonicsphere of “Nocturnal…” adds to the depravity and overall enchantment. Keyboards and buzz sawing guitar tones are mixed together perfectly as they drone off into the realms of the dead within a hypnotizing march. The synth work isn’t orchestral which is why I think I like it so much, rather, the moods sculpted by the keys are skillfully built upon simplistic and unique melodies that act as a more ambient guitar line. Malefic’s screams are dismal and also benefit from the sizzling distorted tone that envelops this recording like a cloud of noxious gas. His shriek paints mental images of a specter struggling to shift back into the dimension of the living and somehow getting caught in-between which intensifies his torment. Even the impressively programmed (though noticeably buried) drum machine fits perfectly within Xasthur’s world which seems to be only one razor blade away from achieving the ultimate escape. Do you possess the willpower to deny the insistent call of “Nocturnal Poisoning”? It doesn’t get much more cult, or brilliant than this. – Marty


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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