Xenonics K-30 – Automated

qb_20303_xenonicsXK-30 is a collaboration between Navicon Torture Technologies and Converter personnel. The disc begins with the churning heavy electronics machinations of “Terramek”, subtle textures provide a distant atmosphere to the saturated track. “Disperse or We Fire” pulses and sizzles with an apocalyptic martial law tone, sirens and machines organizing obedience. “Dyplastoid” has a meditative laboratory throb looping beneath it’s static washes and metallic loops. It becomes more blatantly rhythmic and machine like as it grows, almost reaching a rusted tribalism as the beat becomes more pronounced and the textures erode around it. “Infiltrator” is rather quiet by comparison, a piston like hum roots higher frequency drifts and distant distortions. “The Bloody Sea” and “G.M.A.S.” round out the disc in similar fashion., with “G.M.A.S.” adding palpitating analog drones to a cannonade of weapons fire and pre-recorded warnings of doom. “Automated” carries feel of both grimy factory and stainless steel laboratory through it’s duration… the sounds are a nice mix of very crisp analog tones and frequencies and murkier distortions and metallic resonance. It is largely rhythmic throughout, but not in the sense of real beats, it is the voice of contraptions chattering in time… chattering about how easily the flesh can fall. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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