Yattering – Genocide

qb_42803_yatteringPunishing death grind that’s fun to listen to? Not “fun” as in humorous or kooky, rather Poland’s Yattering have progressed into this super unique band that seems completely free in their songwriting abilities and that must be a refreshing place for an artist to be. Yattering mix atypical blasts with even more disjointed moments of brutality that are a challenge and exciting to listen to. Somehow amidst the choppy transitions and incorporation of twisted musical styles (jazz?), Yattering keep the music memorable and hook laden. This is an abominable feat for such a style as unashamed death grind. The vocals remain sick and deeply abysmal with caustic screams thrown in to add to the intensity. Guitar effects clip and fan out (“Non Adapted Socially”) along with the beat to once again break up the onslaught of precision blasts and offer the listener something new to digest. Amazingly technical and creative drum work pushes the mathematical guitar work over the edge with organic abandon. “Genocide” is leagues beyond the Vader worship that was the basis for Yattering’s “Human’s Pain” full-length debut and the insane level of development tells me that they will become even more bold in their open minded experimentation as they progress. Damn good material from a genre that was all but dead to me. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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