Zargof – Departure for the Cosmic Twilight

zargof_052206_departureFans of older Dimmu Borgir take note, for this 5 song EP from Brazil’s Zargof is a definite nod of appreciation for the more atmospheric yesteryear of the aforementioned band from Norway. Keyboards are the main mood generator for this bands sound and even though their progressions are often mid-paced and airy, it all boils down to the synths following the riffs, only to offer a moment of separation during a music break. Perhaps this is a tired formula, but when all the elements on “Departure for the Cosmic Twilight” come together, I find myself acknowledging the lack of originality, yet becoming lost in the gathering mist created by this bands expansive sound. Harsh, mid-ranged black metal screams suit this material well. Even though the guitars are often lost in the keyboard haze and the drums come off as a bit thin – perhaps even a synthetic drum kit – Zargof aren’t afraid lift up their influences with musical praise, while offering their own passionate ideas to the final mix, even if the outcome lumps them in with hundreds of other bands all fighting for the same slice of Dimmu pie. Once again… this 5 song EP (3 full songs along with and intro and outro) is enjoyable for what it is, yet falls short in the essential conquest department due to Zargof’s lack of individuality. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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