Zweizz – Black Necrotic Obsfuscation

up_011005_zweizzThis is a curious release, it’s a 7″ on red vinyl (and apparently an equal # were released on blue vinyl), and the front cover looks like it could almost be a kids album while the back looks more like a classic Carcass record. From there we learn that Zweizz is the project of Svein Hatlevik, best known for his involvement in Dødheimsgard and Fleurety. There’s two tracks here, the title track takes up the A side, and is an odd combination of quirky electronics and glitchy noise. It”s structured around primitive electronic beats, to that is added some various squirming textures, electronics, sampling, guitar elements and garbled Death Grunts. Side two gives us “Birth, Sex, Death” it again uses simple electro beats and electronics to create a off kilter weirdness, and throws in sampling and a warped melody that sounds like steel calypso drums or something. The music changes directions abruptly at times, and has an unbalanced approach throughout. There really isn’t anything off hand I can think of to compare this to that will give you an idea what any of that means. Strange Electro experimentation that never reaches the point that I would call it noise. I’m not really sure what the seriousness level behind this project is or whether it’s something that will continue or not. I liked it better after I’d listened to it a couple times, but the initial reaction was kind of indifferent. It’s curious but beyond that I didn’t find much to hold on to. The release doesn’t specify the RPM speed, I listened to it on 33 because it seemed correct, but then I may have got it wrong and misconstrued the entire release. – Scott


~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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