Bacillus – Re-Emergence

up_060704_bacillusThis is an 8 song CDR, that comes in a small box with a surgical mask and some little pictures of diseased folks. Out of the spotlight for five plus years this marks Bacillus’ return to the Noise scene most effectively. The long running focus on disease ominous microbes and the like continues and is reinforced with titles like “All It Takes Is One Cough” and “It Starts As A Rash And Ends In Death.” and dialog sampling on the subject. Sonically, the material mixes the churning and grinding low end of the Death Industrial aesthetic with elements that are at times more atmospheric, and at others closer to Harsh Noise depending on the track. The core textures are ominous and fairly abrasive throughout this though, the distortions crisp, rugged and yet still with a bit of a dirty lo-fi edge. There are some nice high frequencies used with an “insects in the laboratory” like squirm to them that play to the theme well, particularly on the track “And There Is No Cure Available.” In addition to these elements loops emerge, and even obscured bits of sampled melody. The pieces are all on the short side for the most part, but “Re-Emergence” is a really quality release, with each track having distinct character and presence. Thoroughly impressive. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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