Bastard Noise – Live In Japan

qb_51903_bastardnoiseThis is two epic tracks, one over 40 the other over 30minutes recorded live on two different dates in Japan. Track one travels a fairly ambient path, slow shifting vaporous textures and subtle feedback, resonant metallic sounds and cryptic electronics gradually sneak in and the piece begins to swell some. With the peak coming in the last ten minutes of the track, growing denser and louder, but still quite ambient. The second piece is extremely minimal ambient, essentially a low airy tone and seemingly little else, it morphs very little and doesn’t hold your attention. To see this as a live show I would expect to be most disappointing, particularly since the cover of the release shows people sitting at laptops in a live setting. The first piece was enjoyable, not necessarily 43 minutes enjoyable, but the second is 30 minutes long and really minimal and quiet, with little to even grab your attention, let alone hold it. I’m guessing this was a, “we have it we might as well release it kind of thing” and perhaps their following will appreciate it more than I do, as I have never really been that swept up by Bastard Noise, they have some really strong moments, but have never really sold me completely. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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