Bdong – Trite & Accessories

up_060605_bdongBdong is a project I have seen live a couple of times and he always delivers a great set, but this was the first I had heard anything recorded. This is a 4 song CDR with nice jewel case packaging. None of the tracks have titles as far as I can tell so I’ll just give you the general impressions. The sound is a powerful style of Dark Ambient, that is tonal in its foundations with smooth drifts of deep bass and at the same time a humming tension. Within that murk there are scraping distortions, flittering electronics, sparse percussive elements and suggested melody that creep up. None of it pushes to the foreground and thus maintains the bottomless ambience well, though at times it becomes more threatening than passive in nature. I think that’s one of the things I like so much about this project is that it is “big” ambient, it’s not reserved. There is a lot of foreboding and presence to it, it doesn’t simply exist as a background. And it manages to do that without having to introduce a lot of more abrasive textures, they are there at times, but not often. His construction is extremely fluid and subtle, in a way that makes the pieces are more active than you first realize. The tracks are all 7+ minutes with some surpassing the ten minute mark, but they keep you engrossed. The project doesn’t seem to have any real ambitions as I can’t find any sort of website or information, and there isn’t even any contact info on the disc but if you stumble across anything by Bdong in a distro it’s well worth seeking out. He does some very quality work, that he’s apparently content to more or less keep to himself. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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