Bestia Centauri – The Antediluvian Earth

qb_82503_bestiaThis is a 4 song CDR, is a nice oversized color sleeve. The title track opens the disc with 17 and a half minutes of subdued ambience. Subtle drifts grazing past each other and the chirps and mutters of electronics insects scuttling though the vaporous soup. “Ambulant Shadows” moves in similar waves, panning tones, with varied electronic accents, very crisp sounding as they pierce up from the foggy foundations. There is a melancholy movement to the sounds, that is somewhere between dreamlike pleasantries and nightmarish shape shifting. “Beneath Exsanguinated Suns” is the third piece here, reinforcing the sound of scurrying creatures and the ecosystem of a murky wasteland. Each of these gray windows grows seemingly a little darker, and slightly more animated. The final track, “The Measureless From Caverns Rise” rounds the disc out with a final nearly 14 minute stint at the microscope. “The Antediluvian Earth” works great as a complete listen, every piece compliments the last, and there are intricacies throughout, it is a nicely conceived piece of work. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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