Bunny Brains, The – Holiday Massacre ’98

up_031504_bunnybrainsThis is a 13 song CDR, of what sounds to be a mix of dirgey structures and improvised “jam” type aesthetics. “Freshen Up!” has a noisy, psyched out feel, with a driving rhythm section at the root. Not entirely similar or dis-similar to something like Subarachnoid Space or Skullflower, meaning it doesn’t sound like them, but is in the ballpark… “Stookey Ring Of Evil” is a lackadaisical, quiet track that builds toward a more driving finish, composed in a rough, free form attack to the instruments and lazy vocal style. “Upland Lane” has a sort of early post punk feel to it, with steady bass lines and monotone vocals amid feedback washes, and simple chording from the guitar. “The Switchblade Sisters” makes me think of a drunken Camper Van Beethoven or something. It has that quirky College Rock feel to it, yet is done much more loosely, and as through out the record, the vocalist doesn’t seem to be trying particularly hard. “Birty Doots” is a rough cover of the similarly titled Sonic Youth song. “Overdose On Cum” has a psychedelic tone with the bass and drums providing the core again and guitar experiments drifting atop it along with the disembodied vocals. And so “Holiday Massacre 98” continues with a string of somewhat improvised, Art Rock. There is a live feel to this, and some talk to what would suggest a crowd, but I can’t find the press sheet and there is no mention of being live on the disc, and no crowd noise so I don’t know. This is the kind of disc that drug people insist you need to check out, not being a drug person, its charm is more or less lost on me. It sounds half assed to me, there are some good moments, particularly the first track, but taken as a complete album, it seems like a bit of a mess. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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