Carved In Stone – The Forgotten Belief

up_121304_carvedinstoneThis is a 6 song MCD from this German (?) Neo-Folk project that incorporates a lot of traditional Northern European elements. Based around delicate acoustic guitar melodies and flute, with some additional synth and harp, the music has a fragile mysticism to it, that can be quite beautiful. This is all the work of one woman, and her voice has a strength and tragedy to it through out. The vocals on this style of music in particular can kill or save a record, here she does a very nice job. The lyrics are delivered both in English and German as well, which I quite liked. The tone on “The Forgotten Belief” is quite mournful and lonely throughout this, and the tempo downtrodden. The instrumentation is all quite effective, this is not a case of some hack thinking it will be more traditional if they manage to fumble out something on a native instrument. She clearly knows what she’s doing and has created something quite lovely. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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