Chaos As Shelter – New Year In New Jerusalem

qb_92903_chaosasshelterThis is actually the first record Chaos As Shelter recorded, but it is only now getting a significant release, and still ranks among the very best of his ample catalog. “Next Year In New Jerusalem” combines obscure dark textures with subtle ethnic instrumentation and percussion, and a comprehensive atmosphere of aging. The material has a historical and cinematic presence, an epic, grandiose quality that is always understated. There is a real warm and sultry quality to the material here that invokes the region explored masterfully. The tension and pride of the struggle with the history and climate wind their way into these spacious, fluid, soundscapes, and make this a very complete release, beyond the pristine sources, reserved melody and rich construction. “Next Year…” is more than a Dark Ambient record, more than an Ethno Ambient record, it has brought those elements together with a concise vision of something much greater, and painted it with a finite hand. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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