Clearing Autumn Skies – Pulses & Matter

This is a self released CD, featuring four tracks all together. Clearing Autumn Skies, play a discordant metalcore style. Heavy riffing and rhythm section with noisier chords atop, a fair amount of deliberate chord progressions, not quite stop and start, but articulate in a similar way. They draw some melody into the dissonance, and ultimately pull together an energetic and emotional series of songs. They use quieter more depressive breaks rather effectively as well, giving the disc a much more epic overall feel. Vocally the primary force is a throaty scream, but there are a couple of verses here and there that are sung cleanly. “Pulses & Matter” is a solid release, that is maybe not groundbreaking, but very well executed, and has grown on me considerably. Judging from their website they have landed a record deal and have something new coming soon, and this isn’t a surprise at all based on the quality of the writing and the power and heart in these tracks. Well, an update, while looking for the record cover for this online I discovered these guys have broken up. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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