Concrete Violin – Predator

qb_020904_concreteviolinThree tracks of gritty noise on this 3″ CDR. Lots of scratchy, scraping, harsher textures in the opening track, “Ciudad Juarez,” with a piercing high element that could almost be a distorted drill or something to that effect. “Road Kills” has a machinating rhythmic foundation, distant abrasions move around this chugging core. The final track, “Issaquah,” begins with some really nice low end distortions before coming to full bloom with a more monolithic surge. The low end is met with mid-range saturations and mixed with a slight hand so that the deep tones come back to the forefront slowly from time to time ultimately ending the disc on its harshest foot. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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