Conure – After They’re Gone

qb_20303_conureThis is a 4 song CDR, pretty stripped down in that the disc just looks like a disc you’d buy, but the label sort of has a packaging motif they stick to for the covers of their releases and that doesn’t look too bad. The title track is first up, it’s a dense bit of drone that tends to cycle between ambient and more distorted waves within this voices and more subtle textures swell and recede with the overall feel being more on the abrasive side. “Confused Again”, clocking in at just over 13 minutes. It begins quietly, with flickering static and deep tonal drifts, it meanders down this path for several minutes with pulses coming in and out and gradually building a slow intensity. An abrupt disjointed semi-rhythmic attack shatters the relative stillness and for me kind of kills what was being built up. The rhythmic feel is not rhythmic enough if that’s the trail they are after, and the over all sound lacks a real depth, it just kind of sounds like a distorted malfunctioning drum machine. “Pachyderm” is next and is a nice bit of layered noise ambient, lots of sounds mingling with each other and yet maintaining a spaciousness, and an underlying rhythmic drive that is very subtle. Rounding out the release is “Learning Curve” this is rooted on a heavy bass pulse, that is then interrupted with distorted beat interjections. This track sounds like it was recorded at a different time, the quality of the sounds is different, the production is different. I wish this track showed some of the same layering that was present on “Pachyderm” it is a bit too straight forward, and doesn’t evolve enough, but I do like the quality of the tones and distortions on it. All of this comes in at right around 30 minutes or so. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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