Conversations About The Light – An Unfinished Poem For January Second

This is a 3 song self released 3″ CDR. “Inhale April” opens the disc with a metallic kind of drone ambience, that is eventually met with sputtering, jagged electronics. This ultimately all drops away and sub base tones, abstract melody, and crackling distortions rise in the place that that which came before. “It’s Because of You that I Cannot Watch The Stendahl Syndrome” is up next, a much more violent piece, saturated textures, distorted vocals, and buzzing low end drive the track, but there are some ambient sweeps mixed in to lend it some steadiness and build an atmosphere. A nice sounds selection and movement make this a powerful track. “Exhale April” is the finale, returning to more ambient ground, this has a mournful quality to it. An ethereal melody is accented with an eroding sort of low end pulse, this all bleeds into static soaked distortions eventually, and swelling deep textures with a horrific feel to them. Like some deep earth penitentiary roaring its contempt at the surface. CATL has a nice knack for the evolution of its tracks, building on atmospheres and shifting directions in a dramatic but coherent way, I look forward to hearing more from the project as the sound develops even more. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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