John Wiess/Die Yellow Swans – Split

qb_51903_johnwiesedieyellowSplit 7″, one song each from these projects. Wiese assumes side A with a track called “Psychedelic Casualties.” It is a smattering of cut up found sounds and instruments with short bursts of electronics and deep rumbling distortions. It’s a disjointed ride recorded for your pleasure in Hawaii. Die Yellow Swans is a new one on me. The untitled DYS track begins with low ambient rumblings and then erupts into a loop of structured dramatic pseudo-dancey synths and drums, that quickly erodes into blipping fluid electronics and another plodding sort of beat rises to meet it. It’s a very fluid track with a driving edge to one side and a liquid flow of textures to the other. Through all of this various elements drift through the piece giving it a dense overall presentation as well. I’m not a huge cut up fan for the most part, but the Dead Yellow Swans track is quite interesting, and no doubt fans of Wiese will like his contribution more than I probably did. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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