Jumbo’s Killcrane – Carnaval De Carne

up_031504_jumbos“Carnaval De Carne” is in that heavy slow groove kind of vein with a nice raw edge to it, that reminds me a little of Unsane or Rabies Caste, certainly not a rip off of either, but to understand the comparison is to have an idea where Jumbo’s Killcrane is coming from. This is fleshy, thick, dirge with a scraped yell sort of vocal approach that gets a little more “sung” at times. Nice hooks and prominent bass and low end root the mid to slow paced tracks. They use some more melodic, and even slightly bluesy riffs mixed into the dense chords progressions to break things up, as on “Tres Futbol del Mono I” that work great and add a new dimension to the release, this evolves into a lethargic droning bit of sludge. “Gasmouth” is a track that is based more around a “notey” sort of riff, than caveman chords, and again offers another angle to the project, more teetering and discordant. These kind of releases always lead me to ponder just how crushing they would sound live, the heavy low end, and the catchy hooks you just know it would be something to see. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

One Response to “Jumbo’s Killcrane – Carnaval De Carne”

  1. great blog and great music!

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