Feast Eternal – With Fire

feastwfAfter a 7 year hiatus, Michigan’s Feast Eternal return, more streamlined and unique in their death metal aesthetics. Where “Prisons of Flesh” was a fine cross section between Bolt Thrower and the more lofty melodies of In Flames, “With Fire” holds onto those influences, but seemingly grows in all directions. The songwriting is far more mature this time out, featuring very memorable hooks often carried by well-written harmonies that soar atop power chord/double bass supported foundations. The songs drift in and out of sensible verse/chorus styled structures, but never shy away from inspired music breaks and a solo or 2 for every song. It is this level of maturation, by way of the old school death metal spirit, that gives this band a fresh foothold in a scene they seemed to be lost in on their last outing. “Castigating the Glutton” is a standout on this album, for its quick/energetic chorus offers more of a higher register scratch in guitarist/vocalist TJ Humlinski’s otherwise deeply brutal vocal style. Sick vocals and fluid guitar riffs are at the forefront of “With Fire”. Some very well placed dynamics are scattered throughout the pacing of this album, further highlighted by Matt Skrzypczak’s solid drum performance. He may not be the most technical drummer out there, often reverting back to similar fills, but he does have a knack for coloring each track with just the right amount of nuance and flair. The production could have been a bit fuller or possess more depth, but everything can be heard and the power is there regardless, not taking anything away from the ferocity of this album. Feast Eternal 2008 is a band with a skilled ear for musical motion and a crushing delivery and it’s great to hear them back sounding full of conviction and “Fire”… har har. –Marty


~ by martyworm on January 18, 2009.

One Response to “Feast Eternal – With Fire”

  1. I’m glad to see that these guys are still at it.

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