SOL – Let There Be a Massacre

solGristled and depraved sounding death doom, full of crawling movement and a mighty production. Sole member Emil Brake really has a full plate handling all the instruments on this opus of decrepitude, including clarinet, accordion, and banjo, but his take on death doom feels so much more adventurous and horrific than the whole of the genre, partially due to the unique guitar melodies he incorporates to live with the crushing foundation, and mainly due to the sheer misery and disgust in his vocals. Insanely guttural in depth and moisture, Emil’s pipes are blistered and grotesque, bringing “Let There Be a Massacre” even further down into the depths of hopelessness… right in the place where all doom fans want their music to be. With an audible distorted bass blasting through this material, Emil has really engineered a lot of depth to exist where there’s rarely much dimension to be found other than a crushing wall of guitars. From the militaristic march of “Boginki” where a snare, a thundering bass, accordion, and frantic screams offer a rather unsettling vibe, to the abysmal boom of “Centuries of Human Filth” where you can feel Emil’s disgust for humanity through the sweltering cracks of the doom he creates, “Let There Be a Massacre” is a lengthy, open minded, and creative slab of elite sludge. Really, if you call yourself a fan of the genre, I would consider this one an essential purchase. –Marty


~ by martyworm on January 25, 2009.

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