David Galas – The Cataclysm

galas-cover_small2The tragedy! The horror! The…. boredom. The cover art, album title, and title tracks all relate to Chernobyl, and if that cataclysm were at all similar to this cd, the rest of the world would have told ’em to shut up and stop being so melodramatic. Perhaps it’s the style that gets to me. It’s just goth – not goth rock, just goth. Swirly, instrumental, tragic goth. I spent the first 12 tracks waiting for something to happen, and when it did (ooo! faster tempo!) I was still bored. Maybe I’m just the wrong reviewer for this cd, but I can’t imagine who would want 72 minutes of Clan of Xymox vocals over instrumental passages that don’t go anywhere. I can’t deny that this guy is talented (he did write, perform, record, and produce the whole thing), but I certainly wouldn’t give this 19-track behemoth another listen. – Christine


~ by skweemish on January 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “David Galas – The Cataclysm”

  1. Reviewing music isn’t an easy task. In fact I hate doing it. That’s one of the main reasons why I stopped working on Worm Gear with Marty and Scott long ago. I probably wrote many long forgotten reviews that were just as perfunctory as Christine’s review of David Galas’ “The Cataclysm”, but I still feel that I need to comment on how completely inadequate, slothful, amateurish, and misleading her review is. (Although I suppose it really doesn’t matter because David Galas’ “The Cataclysm” was released nearly two years ago. So any review of the album is essentially irrelevant at this point, especially considering the many adulatory reviews that “The Cataclysm” has already received elsewhere.) Dismissing Galas’ work as boring Goth and comparing it to the Synthpop of Clan of Xymox is just lazy and off base. “The Cataclysm” is far more comparable to the late Swans or possibly World of Skin, yet far more musically adept. Galas himself cites the Swans as an influence and he states that “Cataclysm is a surrealistic view of a failed world in slow motion destruction, heavily inspired by the political and global atmosphere after 9/11”. Galas’ gloomy musical passages, ethereal ambiance and dense production are perfect compliments to the sadness and desolation of his lyrics and vocals. This album is a powerful work of art that took six years for Galas to write. I imagine that Christine’s attempt at a review took less than six minutes to write. I’m glad to see that Marty and Scott are getting Worm Gear back on track, but I hope that they’ll reconsider Christine’s participation.

  2. I disagree with Christine’s review completely. Although, everyone is granted their opinion. She doesn’t seem to know or take the time to understand where Galas’s roots came from. If she did, then she would completely understand and appreciate this massive cd. Galas comes from the famous darkwave band ‘Lycia’. Galas’s work is an evolution of ‘Lycia’ and his own style than anything else. This isn’t synth-goth AT ALL. I don’t know where she gets that. This sounds nothing like Xymox.’The Cataclysm’ is a masterpiece. The album is not about Chernobyl. He used some of the imagery as a backdrop against the idea of a world falling apart. Go to his website and read the reviews. This isn’t your typical pretentious goth crap. He doesn’t sing about vampires, doesn’t try to be anything he’s not. It’s nice to hear something new and refreshing in the ‘goth’ genre that’s not your typical ‘my heart is black’ bullshit. He goes way beyond the pretexts of ‘goth’, yet keeps it very honest. David said in an interview, the cd was meant to be listened to from beginning to end, like a movie. This isn’t something you pop in your car to listen when you’re driving to work. It’s something that’s to be listened to as a whole. Christine either has ADHD or obviously doesn’t have the attention span to fully appreciate a work of art.

  3. This review is crap! listen the album, is a masterpiece

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