Intense – As Our Army Grows (2007)

intenseDear Marty-

Why would you send me a power metal cd? I’ve never been into power metal and I really don’t know much about it. It just strikes me as falsetto dudes singing about fairies and conquering shit. I did see Manowar in concert once – does that count as power metal? Fuck, I don’t even know, but that show was one of the most ridiculous spectacles I’ve ever been subjected to. Anyway – back to Intense. “Anger of Ancients”? “Trojan Transmission”? Now, I’m loathe to use ‘gay’ as a pejorative term, but really – “Trojan Transmission”? That’s just begging for it. In the ass. Ah ha, maybe that’s why you passed this cd on to me! You don’t like this shit either! Now it all makes sense. I’m sure you can direct me to some decent power metal out there. This, however, is nothing but a D-grade mess. I doubt that even power metal fans would find something on here to bang their heads to. Me? I can’t even get through the first three tracks.  – Christine


~ by skweemish on January 29, 2009.

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  1. I like to share the love. What can I say 😉

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