Playlist 05/02/09 Marty Rytkonen

Some time has passed since our last update, but do find 3 meaty interviews to enjoy with Nechochwen, Woe and Bible of the Devil. A slew of new reviews are coming soon as well since I finally have some time off coming my way.  I also have a few ideas of other bands to talk to next so keep your eyes peeled. Enjoy!!  -Marty/Worm

Been spinning:

Bathory – A Tribute to Quorthon
Wodensthrone – Loss (Advance)
Beherit – Engram (What a surprise…. I really like this one. Holocausto returned true to form!)
Seance – Awakening of the Gods
Grave – You’ll Never See…
Unleashed – Hammer Battalion
Napalm Death – Smear Campaign
Candlemass – Death Magic Doom (Meh… kinda a let down from King of the Grey Islands)
Absu – Absu
Realmbuilder – Summon the Stonethrowers LP
Blood of the Black Owl – Celestiial Split LP
Death In June – Operation Hummingbird
Cynic – Traced in Air
Hateful Abandon – Famine (Or into the Bellies of Worms)

~ by martyworm on May 2, 2009.

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