Marduk – Wormwood

Ever since Legion’s ejection from the ranks of Marduk, a band that he helped elevate to it’s lofty popularity due to his scathing vocal delivery and intense live demeanor, Morgan has taken back a hold of the reigns and is steering this band back into the underground with a rekindled sense of twisted musical sadism. Lifted from the band Funeral Mist, vocalist Daniel “Mortuus” Rosten has seemingly filled Legions boots perfectly and in a lot of ways, proven that his more tortured vocal performance was the perfect fit for future Marduk albums. After hearing this union and really enjoying “Wormwood” and the 2 previous albums, it is clear to me that Legion had to go. Mortuus’ dank and seedy howls inject the filth into this material and from his debut performance for this band on “Plague Angel” forward, every release has gotten better, if not a touch more experimental/elegant. Morgan is no longer afraid to slow down the tempo as found on “Funeral Dawn”, a plodding track that revels in atypical harmonies soaring over the top. An almost militaristic march is felt in this tune, forcing Marduk fans of old to learn patience in order to feel the full impact, for this album and its predecessor, “Rom 5:12” are no longer about speed as a crutch dominated tunes that felt independent of each other as a whole. Modern day Marduk now writes songs conceptually that feel like a piece in the ongoing puzzle that is the full album. This full album experience finds Marduk embracing a musical maturity that was the ever elusive element on past works. “Wormwood” in a lot of ways, feels a bit like Mortuus’ other band, Funeral Mist… especially the CD “Maranatha” that I reviewed in the last update. There are powerful tracks full of diversity and tempo variation, then there are interconnecting tracks like “Unclosing the Curse” that act as theatrical mood setters, digging into a heavy atmosphere hell bent on creating mental visions, rather than the balls out machismo and predictable nature of old tracks like “Fistfucking Gods Planet”, etc. This mixed in with Morgan’s more atypical take on his riff writing has given Marduk a much bolder statement to unleash upon the world. From the chaotic slides that whip the track “Into Utter Madness” into an uneasy fury, little changes in the way he writes riffs and plays guitar is re-conquering the rusty formula that middle era Marduk was seemingly all too comfortable with. “Woormwood” is yet another really strong building block in this bands journey that gets even better the more it is played. I can’t help but think that Marduk is only 1 album away in this evolution from writing a masterpiece. Time shall tell! –Marty

Regain Records

~ by martyworm on January 4, 2010.

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