Playlist – Marty Rytkonen 01/05/10

Hello again followers of Worm Gear. This is my first post for the new decade… pretty hard to believe that WG has been in existence in one form or another now for going on 15 years. The passing of time, if you think about it, is a scary thing. We have a child on the way, so time may be tight in the coming months when it comes to updates, but writing reviews and a few interviews is always in my mind. I find it relaxing and even though I no longer write for any mainstream magazines out there, please know that I intend on keeping at it for Worm Gear. Though the comments have been a bit quiet, there has been a lot of visitors to this site and a growing showing of support. Thanks to all of you for checking in to see what this old Worm has to say.

In the works… I have it in mind to interview Ahab, Azaghal, and Weapon. I’ll try to get moving on these tasks yet this month.

OK…. before you wander south to read the latest batch of reviews, here’s a list of things that have been in my CD player, on my Turntable, or in my ipod:

Dead Can Dance – Aion
Drudkh – Microcosmos LP
Coroner – Deathcult CD
Alda – Demo
Marduk – Wormwood
Necrovation – Breed Deadness Blood
Arckanum – PPPPPPPPP
Weapon – Draconian Paradigm
Dead Can Dance – The Serpents Egg
Metal Church – S/T
The Accused – O Martha
Enslaved – Frost

~ by martyworm on January 4, 2010.

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