Mr. Death – Death Suits You

Decent, though a bit uninteresting Swedish death metal from this project band with a stupid name. Really, one tends to overlook bad band names as the years go on, since there are many out there past and present. We let the music do the talking right? But Mr. Death? Yeah… it’s hard to pass that by without at least making a comment. This band features several members that spent some time in Treblinka/Tiamat in the past, so you’d think there would be more of a unique take on the DM genre being executed here, but “Death Suits You” is simply a rehashing of over a decade of detuned and heavy riffage, with the strong benefit of a thick and imposing sound. Having been recorded between 3 studios, one of which being Studio Sunlight, being engineered by Tomas Skogsberg and mixed by Fred Estby (Ex-Dismember), the deep and churning tone of this MCD is pure Sweden. The songs themselves really aren’t that bad, but again, completely predictable. The vocals fall in the proper spots and the riffs alternate between tremolo speed and crushing music breaks right when you’d predict they would. Such a safe plotting of songs takes any edge or excitement away from the listening experience even though the power and technical ability of Mr. Death is undeniable. A decent, though uninspired release.


~ by martyworm on November 23, 2010.

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