Necrovation – S/T

Even though many folks may not have heard of it due to the underground nature of this band, “Breed Deadness Blood” was an excellent debt album from Sweden’s Necrovation. It was a scaly and filth covered neanderthal blast of death the old way, true to the style unearthed by their fellow countrymen and known the world over as a product of Sweden. That was 4 years ago and during this time, it seems the band has been rethinking their approach and striving to do something a bit different and more adventurous. “Necrovation” features a dark, yet far cleaner production which tidy’s up the guitar tone considerably, as well as bringing a dry/uninteresting death growl to the forefront of the mix. Some will like this minor adjustment, but I greatly prefer a murkier sound canvas when it comes to this style of music, especially when being consumed by overdriven guitars and a bloodthirsty onslaught. Make it angry and covered with grime. Infect the riffage with sonic sores! “Necrovation” sounds neutered compared to the debut and with more of a focus on slower material this time out that is obviously reaching toward more heavy metal ideas in the songwriting (ie: the far more complex solos), the end result seems awkward and not that good of a fit for the band. Tracks like “Pulse of Towering Madness” seem to go nowhere and lack any memorable hooks or direction in the song structure enough to keep the listener trained on where the ride is taking them. There’s just a lot going on here… a lot of “parts” to each song. There are some bands that can pull this off and temper their complexity with thoughtful riffs, or strong melodies that stick with the listener. Necrovation have shown that even though they are obviously talented and know what death metal is, writing a song worthy of comprehension eludes them.
Perhaps Necrovation have achieved a level of creativity that I have yet to comprehend and repeated listens will unlock the gates to my inhibitions with this album, but first I need to get to the point where I want to dig in and let that happen. As it stands, there are too many other albums out there that I really want to listen to over this failed experiment. -Marty
Agonia Records

~ by martyworm on September 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Necrovation – S/T”

  1. Agreed! The second side of this LP is a bit better though. But the first release just crushes this one. What happened?

  2. It isn’t horrible by any means… just too slick sounding and the songs lack direction.

  3. I actually heard this album first then bought their 1st. I was stunned and pleasantly surprised to hear the difference. The 1st release really is like taking the 1st KAMMOS release and smashing against Beherit’s Oath of Black Blood. The vocals are almost identical to Holocausto’s style. Fucking love it because it has the precision and girth of KAMOOS, but the dirt and evil filth of old Beherit. Wonder how this release remains so unnoticed…?

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