Pseudogod – Deathwomb Catechesis

While it’s impossible for me to not feel disturbed upon hearing of musicians unjustly imprisoned in Russia for engaging in (what should be anywhere) the human right to express defiance, I’m also amazed that particularly Satanic/anti-Christian bands like Pseudogod are still able to (thankfully!) export their wares unmolested. Granted, ours is a peculiar and therefore most-likely-dismissed musical taste for most of the formerly-Soviet public, and yes, Pseudogod haven’t staged an impromptu anti-Putin show next to the altar of a Moscow cathedral, but knowing that at least some artists with an extreme viewpoint can still get their work through the rusted Iron Curtain in the face of such censorship, self-righteousness, and political maneuvering remains a fact to be admired and appreciated. I know, I know; on to the music.

Russia’s Pseudogod bring the blackened death metal the way I like it; more black/less death on the riffs, less black/more death on the drums. What’s more, as explosive and powerful songs such as ‘Malignant Spear’ can be in attack, the clean yet still moldy-warm production keeps the chaos of their latest opus Deathwomb Catechesis capped in an empty liter-of-Coke bottle sewn to your earlobe. Utterly shocked am I at the precision and atmosphere this mix creates; think a lower-toned version of the Inquisition sound from last year’s magnificent Ominous Doctrines … But don’t take that to mean they ape that band or, because I hear a very-slight Craig Pillard influence in the vocals, they sound like Northeastern USDM. Pseudogod’s influences on this album meld together in a subtle manner, where the cumulative effect can be at once mesmerizing and neck-cracking. By creating both kinds of experiences so successfully, this album does what few of its kind can: remain appropriate for any extreme metal mood that possesses you. And while the Pseudogod sound draws blood on this slab o’ Death ‘n Devil in its own way, often with razor-like riffs on one side and black-metal chording on the other, additional inspirations lurking beneath the skin surface just enough to happily harangue you even more, with songs like ‘Saturnalia (The Night Of the Return)’ complimenting an already potent formula with Asphyx-like doom/death structuring. Repeated listens of each song unearths new nuggets of curiosity to be enjoyed, further securing the album a home on my already unwieldy rotation… as it will on yours, if such stylings are to your taste. If they aren’t, listen anyway, if for no other reason than to give yourself the immensely satisfying image of Russian Orthodox Church leaders/Putin-lackies being forced to aurally ingest this expertly crafted work of Beelze-love. -Jim


Hells Headbangers/KVLT

~ by cliftonium on September 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Pseudogod – Deathwomb Catechesis”

  1. Well said. Very nice album indeed. Nice aura of Beherit all over this album.

  2. Thanks, Patrick \m/ Aside from the warm vs cold production differences between the two bands, I do agree with you on the Beherit aura; a welcome thing!

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