Just a quickie update this time around with a fresh new Bedemon review from Jim. We would like to encourage all of you to share your playlists with us and the rest of the class by commenting on this post with what has been contributing to your ultimate deafness. We will add new content to Worm Gear every Tuesday, with more interviews towards the end of every month. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, for there will not be an email spam attack for every update. Thanks for making this re-launch a success! – The Worm Dudes.

Jim Clifton
Asphyx – Last One On Earth
Azaghal – Nemesis / Omega
Behexen – My Soul For His Glory
Burzum – Fallen
Entombed – Left Hand Path
Incantation – Onward to Golgotha
Inquisition – Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm
Joy Division – Heart & Soul
Nazxul – Totem
Tombs – Path of Totality

Marty Rytkonen
Weapon – Embers and Revelations
Joy Division – Closer
Nechochwen – Oto Test Pressing
Fates Warning – Night on Brocken
Fates Warning – Awaken the Guardian
Terrorizer – World Downfall (such a superior production on this classic. A Real drum sound!! Fuck!)
Amorphis – The Karelian Isthmus
Manilla Road – Crystal Logic
Kreator – Extreme Agression
Possessed – Seven Churches

~ by cliftonium on October 9, 2012.

12 Responses to “Playlist”

  1. Forest of Stars – A Yesterday’s Play
    Weapon – Embers and Revelations
    Steve Wilson – Get all you Deserve
    Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising Force
    Aura Noir – Deep Tracks of Hell
    Swans – The Seer
    Blut Aus Nord – 777 Trilogy Series
    Nether Regions – Into the Breach
    Unleashed – Shadows of the Deep

  2. Good call on the Weapon; such a mighty new album from them; we’re working on getting an interview. I still need to check out the latest Blut Aus Nord …

  3. The Weapon album is seriously addicting. It has this precise sharp edge to it. The filler and just fucking cuts. I intensely love this album. And ironically, the riffs themselves aren’t orignal, but the way they are put together and constructed makes it so refreshing and listenable. I haven’t heard their first two albums. Yet. I am planning on giving their 2nd LP a listen today and work backwards from there.

  4. Sorry, I meant to say, there is NO filler and it fucking cuts…

  5. FYI, and shameless plug, consider reviewing my new release ‘Metaphere’ by Trillion Red (me). Coming out on Oct 23 via Badgod Music. Dark Avantgarde Progressive Metal.

  6. Everyone should feel welcome to plug here, it’s all about the support!

  7. I knew i liked this site for a reason! Haha..

  8. Vader – Litany
    Weapon – Embers and Revelations
    Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast
    Pallbearer – Sorrow and Extinction
    Behexen – By the Blessing of Satan
    Dark Funeral – The Secrets of the Black Arts
    Enslaved – RIITIIR
    At The Gates – Slaughter of the Soul

  9. As of yet I’ve only heard one song off the new Enslaved (‘Veilburner’), but I like what I hear so far. What are your thoughts on RIITIIR, Kevin?

  10. I am really enjoying it. So far I think I like Axioma better. Overall it is another solid Enslaved record. Roots of the Mountain kills it.

  11. Last Week’s Playlist:
    Hellhammer- demon entrails disc 2 (triumph od death/death fiend demos)
    Bedemon- symphony of shadows
    Evoken- atra mors
    the Wounded Kings- shadow over atlantis
    Witchcraft- legendary

  12. What are your thoughts on Atra Mors? I’ve been spinning Evoken’s Shades of Night Descending, was thinking of picking the new one up …

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