Eis – Wetterkreuz

In a time not so long ago, German black metal always seemed like it was behind the curve when it came to producing bands that would develop into anything other than a lesser copy of their idols. Granted, projects like Nargaroth made a splash internationally, even with Kanwulf’s visionless embodiment of the raw Norwegian aesthetic, but he also quickly faded out of the public limelight. Having recently been impressed by the forest hauntings created by Finsterforst, I was fully prepared to work past any doubts I once held in regards to GBM and greet Eis (formerly known as Geist) with an open mind. Thankfully, Wetterkreuz welcomed my interest with a full/mystical sound and 5 well considered tracks full of engaging black metal.
For this being the third album from this project, AND finding a band stripped down to 2 members after a complete retooling of the line-up, Wetterkreuz feels very focused and not at all weakened by the internal strife that must have been eating at this band. The music of Eis centers in on a mid 90’s form of atmospheric blackness that absorbs its modern characteristics through a very warm production and underlying synth work, giving their sound an all encompassing stroll through the woods in the fall vibe that sits so perfectly with this type of music. No pitch vocals. No frilly embellishments that spill into gothic territory… Wetterkreuz focuses solely on excellently written riffs/song structures and deeply aggravated, mid-ranged grim vocals. This along with the bands affinity for mid-paced tempos, there is a lot of time and space for their craft to spin its web. This patience and advanced usage of memorable guitar passages really paints a vivid image sonically, allowing the listener to easily connect with the music and become lost in the unfolding darkness at the hands of Eis, even though they are doing nothing groundbreaking other than creating songs with bite.
Having never heard the 2 releases preceding Wetterkreuz, I feel like I am satisfied to start here with this ambitious duo, for past experience in being a music collector has demonstrated that going backwards in a 4th or 5th tier black metal bands discography, especially with a different line-up, tends to be problematic and full of underdeveloped/boring music. For those of you curious enough to give Eis a try, Wetterkreuz is a fertile place to start and has every indication that this project will grow and get even better as they stretch their creative muscles. -Marty
Lupus Lounge

~ by martyworm on October 24, 2012.

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