Tempestuous Fall – The Stars Would Not Awake You

Gut wrenching funeral doom from Australia erupting from the mind of Midnight Odyssey’s own Dis Pater. I’ve had several people recommend to me his Midnight Odyssey project saying that it is an all encompassing black metal descent sure to appeal to my tastes, therefore I’m finally dusting the 1’s and 0’s off this label supplied digital file to see what his take on doom is. Heavy and bleak hymns to the dark side, laced in subtle though powerful synth lines for that airy stroll along the coast at dawn atmosphere is what this project cultivates with success. Yes the Drumkit From Hell/Superior Drummer software sounds to be in full effect here, but that’s not a factor at all since it has become a common and super effective tool (sounds like the real thing most of the time) for toiling musicians who are too misanthropic to work with others, or cannot find a drummer. I make mention of this simply because the crisp snap in the snare makes it sound a bit more synthetic than it maybe needed to be, but the uniquely processed buzzsaw tone in the guitars and droning riff movement quickly allows me to fall deeper into the force summoned by Tempestuous Fall. The guitars offer the simplistic, though interesting foundation for Dis to construct his altar of depression, but when clean guitar melodies and powerful synth harmonies elevate this material to more memorable heights, I found myself thankful for their inclusion. I feel without these additional nuances, the bulk of “The Stars Would not Awake You” could have become a lot less interesting. Because of these additional harmonies and the extra step Dis Pater has gone to make his music more layered, tracks like “Marble Tears” actually feels quite uplifting, almost triumphant sounding due to the strings and great hook buried within this songs structure. Bleak death vocals coexist with well done pitch singing which adds to the depth found on this album. Even though there may be other bands out there in the funeral doom void who offer a bit more uniqueness, I found myself really drawn to this material due to the careful song development and gigantic sound canvas that Tempestuous Fall have stretched out before us all. Also you have to be impressed by the lone wolf, mad scientist nature of 1 man projects such as this. Especially when the outcome is good, one tends to focus on all the patience and dedication that must go into constructing something slow, yet inspired like “The Stars Would Not Awake You”. Yes… I’m definitely going to be purchasing this album, and the aforementioned Midnight Odyssey as well to see what other tricks Dis Pater has up his (wizard) sleeves. -Marty
I, Voidhanger Records


~ by martyworm on November 6, 2012.

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