Maveth – Coils of the Black Earth

My Finland themed triumvirate of reviews continues. No, this wasn’t planned, but with a name like “Rytkonen”, you know I’m going to roll with whatever the twisted souls still dwelling in my homeland can hurl at me. The debut full-length from Finland’s Maveth, “Coils of the Black Earth”, is killer. I could end it there and make you do all the work dear reader, but I guess that isn’t why I’m here. My first impression of this album was indeed just that… “Killer”. Atypical and evil riff style. Burly mid-ranged death vocals that bare no resemblance to anyone in particular. Excellent use of varying tempos. The intensity reigns in Maveth’s world, as does their pension for smart guitar lines that are paned both far left and far right, so you can easily hear both guitar parts even through the menacing wall of distortion. The tracks possess direction and never sound tired or out of worthwhile ideas which says a lot for a release in this style, clocking in at nearly 1 hour. Well rounded riff ideas exhume bizarrely memorable tremolo speed harmonies, ushered further to the forefront of their attack by crushing power chord rhythms and other deft musical weapons in their arsenal. As Maveth carve through mid-paced, then blasting, back to slower rhythms, their attack is so expertly considered, each track ends up being unpredictable, being hurled even deeper into the pits by Christbutcher’s unforgiving and burnt out vocalizations.
I could go on trolling the depths of my limited vocabulary to try and paint a picture of what you’ll experience on “Coils of the Black Earth”, but the reality is that Maveth have conjured one hell of a crushing death metal album, plain and simple. Even though there is nothing “new” on display here, the truth is that I don’t need a shiny new way of doing things as long as what I’m listening to gets the job done with conviction and well considered musical destruction. Maveth succeed and make it look/sound easy. Fans of the genre need this one in your collection for sure. -Marty
Dark Descent Records

~ by martyworm on November 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Maveth – Coils of the Black Earth”

  1. The typical Swedish guitar tone threw me a little…but beneath that they have enough originality to craft some really nice dark segments. Cool LP.

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