Manticore – Behold the Ascension of the Execrated

It has been some time since I’ve spun a release by Cleveland’s Manticore, but I have always enjoyed their twisting abyss of scorched black death metal. With Behold the Ascension of the Execrated, Manticore is sounding a lot like older Nun Slaughter on occasion in that stripped to the bone simplicity often found in old styled, underground death metal. The production is also rather off centered, putting more of a spotlight on the gruff death yells and shitztorted bass guitar. Once I adjusted to the production, I found myself lost in the unholy chaos of the title track that feels a lot more urgent and uniquely depraved… just the way I remember Manticore. The down-tuned guitars sound like they were recorded loudly to the point of the amp failing, so that cutting out rattle you hear piles on the chaos when the blast beats aggravate the song structures into a destructive frenzy. It sounds like this band rehearses at the city dump and that sonic mental picture alone gives you an unclean feeling when the crushing plod of “From the Darkness Below” turns all the crosses upside down. Manticore write sleazy and memorable death metal and they do it well. This sleaze is personified by their excellent rendition of Venom’s “In Nomine Satanas” which ups the ante to a much younger (and sloppier) Venom with a loose playing style and conviction that pours out of this track. Thankfully the bands pension for mid-paced ugliness carries this album to pleasingly brutal territories as it is the favored tempo that Manticore feels most effective in.
“Bowels of the Holy Anoint us in Evil” will always be my favorite release from these guys due to the crushing songs and the full sound (not to mention an amazing cover of Beherit’s The Gate of Nanna”), but it’s good to hear them forging on with their grotesque and very live sounding take on death metal. It never gets old! Yes I found myself yearning for a fuller tone when it comes to the production of Behold the Ascension of the Execrated, but the material is too solid and guitar sound so crazy, it’s hard to dwell on the negatives here. Good band. Good album. For the diehards! -Marty
Deathgasm Records

~ by martyworm on November 21, 2012.

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