Binah – Hallucinating in Resurrecture

binah_hallucEvery time I come close to feeling powerful, bone-sawing Death Metal has all but exhausted its fetid stores of sound, a band will come along and inject life back into the genre with the same force and effectiveness as a hypodermic needle pushed through Uma Thurman’s breastbone. Friends, I tell you, DM breathes still, is fucking pissed, and is called Binah. Prepare to focus your hatred through a barrel of Bolt Thrower with a Swedish scope attachment, loaded with atmospheric-tipped ammunition reinforcing the carnage to come. The mixed-high guitar supply happily onslaughts the senses, but with the subtle dark ambience filtering through the distortion in all the right moments, you’ll unconsciously remain enveloped in a fog of deathly fear, for, as subsequent listens scrape through the layers of mid-tempo death, it becomes clear why one feels unusually unsettled at the onset of this grinding (but not grindcore) album: the haunting atmospherics had lain beneath all along while you weren’t paying attention, settling one half of your brain into a nigh-imperceptible trance, and the other into a frenzy. Note also as you make your way through this album that, between the viscera-spattering sledgehammerwork of Anil Carrier skillfully stamping out the time, you’ll continually hear the angry warnings of an executioner emanating through that Berlin Wall of overdrive, along with a distorted bass tone filled with enough black tar to preserve a dinosaur for an aeon. For these cement-thick stringed instruments and tasteful use of electronic eccentricities, thank vocalist/guitarist Ilia Rodriguez and bassist Aort, who, besides the requisite axe-wielding, perform the effective synth arrangements on this album. You will find these skill sets utilized equally as well in that other band of theirs making plenty of noise right now, Indesinence.

All albums that I play again and again contain a balanced mixture of respect for yesterday with a heavy dose of tomorrow. With Hallucinating in Resurrecture, Binah has – whether by chance or careful consideration – stumbled upon that elusive combination for me. As for you, ensure nothing fragile sets nearby when you spin this one. Adrenaline shot, indeed. -Jim

Dark Descent Records

~ by cliftonium on December 4, 2012.

6 Responses to “Binah – Hallucinating in Resurrecture”

  1. FUCKING BIIIINNAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Well written review as usual Jim. Hail Satan

  2. Thanks man, and thanks for originally pointing this album out to me via your playlist. F*ckin’ love it (obviously) \m/ -Jim

  3. I’m going to check these guys. LP is on the way.

  4. Meant to say check these guys out.

  5. Hope you enjoy it Shawn, it’s certainly kicked my ass in the best possible way \m/ -Jim

  6. […] Binah – Hallucinating In Resurrecture A perfect counterpoint to the avante-garde listen of Kentucky, Binah’s head-crushing white […]

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