Ataraxy – Revelations of the Ethereal

Ataraxy_RevMuch of new European Death Metal (that isn’t SweDeath) represents a return to darkness first/death second, focusing on the creation of mood over the pummeling of senses. Ataraxy are a part of this aesthetic movement, but the immense level of talent displayed on Revelations of the Ethereal separates them from the pack. And not just with their familiar but well-thought out riffs, dissonant post-melodies, giant-size beats, and utterly pro yet unobtrusive keyboards, but also with the power of voice, something many DM bands these days consider an afterthought. While vocalist Mavi has that Martin Van Drunen foundation, a Chuck Schuldiner Scream Bloody Gore-roar stands tall in all its glory, reverberating with regurgitation over the malady of music below it. And though that scarifying throat demands attention, it never eclipses the instruments shouldered; the music only benefits. Glorious, doom-inflected riffs that never slow to the point of boredom instead introduce impossibly heavy, log-chopping guitars paired with speedy-gloom pickings. Culled together with always-evil atonal accents, the final product is far more than an invitation to engage in violent yes-nods; no, it’s not that simple. Like possessing the mind of a dying fellow human being, eyes shut tight from fatigue, raging at the fade of life, the listener shares the experience of a poor soul’s final moments together as one. But more than anger and fear exists here-grandeur lurks in this Ataraxy album. The sheer breadth of Ataraxy’s album (not over-produced mind you, just huge) is enough to transport your mortal coil into whatever semblance of afterlife is or isn’t there. Not with constant-blasting brute force, but with a factor unclear, and thus far more sinister.

Possession, salvation, nothingness or damnation, it’s all the same to Ataraxy and their god-wide riff-journeys that never sacrifice aura for the sake of simple bloodletting…though make no mistake, life will be taken. It’s just that, with Revelations of the Ethereal, you won’t see the end coming. -Jim

Memento Mori Records

~ by cliftonium on December 11, 2012.

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