Hic Iacet – Prophecy of Doom 7”

hic iacet - prophecy of doom cover (200x200)Mystery-laden Spanish Black Metaller(s?) Hic Iacet’s upcoming 7” Prophecy of Doom melts faces with faraway, echoing riffery crawling its way out of a mammoth cave and a voice that immediately greets the listener with the gargled howl of Jonah being digested in the belly of Shamu. This two song nightmare combines the hypnotic blasting and low-toned tremolo guitars of Joined in Darkness Demoncy with the slurred, slow hammer-on chug and sporadic classical drum pounds of To Mega Therion Celtic Frost. Review over, verdict: deadly … Seriously, I can understand why last Hic Iacet’s demo from last year turned heads (I hear HHR has a few left, just sayin’). This frothing cauldron of darkness oozes potential with every passage. Not much is known about them (one-man show? underground supergroup?), but whatever the case, this attention-grabbing disc gives a bludgeoning hint of what is yet to come. My only gripe is this appetizer leaves you wanting more, but hell, isn’t that what a 7” is supposed to do? -Jim

Hells Headbangers

~ by cliftonium on December 11, 2012.

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