Abominable Carnivore – Light Devours Our Lust (demo)

Abom_CarnWith rage from the East comes Abominable Carnivore, an earnest entry into the more putrid side of the Black/Death genre. Guitars are appropriately ugly and match the guttural/squeal vocal interplay well, with a likable squalor straddling the line into War Metal. Opener ‘Nazara’, after a fairly typical start, explodes into chaos with enough tempo-switching color to implore you to listen on if – and yes, I’m aware this is a demo – you can get past the insanely loud snare drum that consistently buries Light Devours Our Lust’s quality riff regurgitations. Every other instrument and sonic spectrum choice on the five-song offering (excluding intro/outro) remains satisfyingly within the lower register, but the highly-eq’d/highly-mixed pop of the snare feels like someone’s poking your eardrum with a stick. Pull that sound down where it belongs (and they may have since, as I know they’ve subsequently done a split), and what you have left is an extremely promising start with mold-covered riffs snaking and snarling with a relentlessness that won’t fade easily. Production values aside, I’ve the sense we’ll soon have more to appreciate from these Bangladeshi bruisers. -Jim


~ by cliftonium on January 8, 2013.

2 Responses to “Abominable Carnivore – Light Devours Our Lust (demo)”

  1. Sounds like the drums were actually programmed and just mixed poorly. Even with this demo, that could have been done much better. ANyways, not bad…

  2. Agreed, highly likely. I’d wondered about that possibility, but was confused when their info stated they had a live drummer. He probably joined after they recorded I suppose. Thanks for checking out the review and sharing your thoughts! -Jim

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